Haskell School of Music

Last modified: Jan 19, 2021 @ 8:15 am

Haskell School of Music is a textbook about Euterpea and working with music in Haskell. It was originally started by Paul Hudak and was later finished by Donya Quick. The textbook contains many examples of using the Euterpea library and also graphical widgets for creating musical user interfaces (MUIs). The source code for these is contained in the HSoM library. For information on installing and using HSoM, please see the Euterpea setup page.

The textbook is currently available for order from the following websites:

A note about versions from Donya Quick: this book is the official release of Haskell School of Music. The book was started by my thesis advisor (Paul Hudak) and finished by me after his passing. It has come to my attention that there are PDFs of early drafts of the work floating around on the Internet. I do not have control over these files and they do not accurately reflect the content of the final book. I realize that many former students and colleagues who watched the evolution of Euterpea may have PDFs of early drafts floating around on their hard drives. Please do NOT make these files publicly available, as it as created confusion over what is actually in the published book. Deliberate public distribution of those files is also disrespectful to the amount of work that went into finishing the book.