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  • Getting Started with Euterpea – a video tutorial on YouTube describing what to do to install Euterpea and test that the play function is working.
  • (More tutorials coming soon)

Talks (Slides & Videos)

Pattern-Based Algorithmic Music with Euterpea (Slides + Video)
Donya Quick, Demo at FARM Workshop at ICFP 2018
Slides in pptx format on Google Drive (3mb) – includes all audio examples
Source Code as zip file on Google Drive
Slides + Voiceover on YouTube
A demo that illustrates the creation of algorithmic melodies using the Euterpea library for music representation and creation in Haskell. The music created builds from very direct interpretations of random number sequences to more structured phrases built on small, stochastically recurring pitch patterns.

Algorithmic Music in Haskell (Slides)
Donya Quick, Invited Talk at Haskell Symposium at ICFP 2017
Slides in pptx format on Google Drive (11mb) – includes all audio examples
Extended Abstract (note: there is no associated larger paper)
An invited talk that covers the libraries Euterpea, Kulitta, and MusECI. It addresses the distinction between algorithmic and automated composition, and gives a range of examples of working with music in a functional domain. It includes examples of using Euterpea to create algorithmic music, an overview of the Kulitta automated composition system, and a discussion of the MusECI library’s approach to modeling natural language for music.

Math, Music, and Computation (Video)
Paul Hudak, Tilde Café Talk, 2014
Video on YouTube

A discussion of computer music and algorithmic composition given by Paul Hudak using Euterpea. Please note that this video precedes the release of Euterpea 2 and therefore uses Euterpea 1. The later Euterpea 2 is still very similar to Euterpea 1, but there are some differences. See the Change Log for information on what changed from Euterpea 1 to Euterpea 2.